Andreas Misera

I do

With 25+ years of experience in Online Advertising, Media and E-Commerce I plan, strategize and execute. I'm involved from doing hands-on work to managing big groups locally and remotely. I build, grow and lead teams and businesses into new markets. I present, explain and train internally and externally.

Services & Solutions

Experience and creativity fuel innovation and growth - I can help businesses grow, use their data and technology well, build the right teams and strategy for success.

I can offer support and advice on the topics below. Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your needs.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Technology

Display Advertising, Social Media Posting and Marketing, Video Ads, Omnichannel: You want to plan and operate your online marketing strategy and spend your budget more efficiently?

Digital Transformation

You want to run your business in a more digital way, change the tools you use or optimize internal and external communication?

Data & Analytics

You have a lot of data but don't know what to do with it? You don't know which data you need to achieve better results?

Processes and Changes

Your workflows and processes need an update or the structure of your team needs a change?

International growth and localization

You want to expand your business into new markets? Find clients, build teams, open offices?

Operations Management

Your operations, customer success or support teams need leadership or training? I can be your Operations Manager

Who I am

25+ years in Advertising, Media and E-Commerce

Studying physics and working in internet technology companies gave me a vast technical background. Growing businesses and managing teams internationally gave me multi-cultural leadership experience.

I'm keen on finding solutions and resolving problems, creating new products and bringing them to new markets.

I believe in sharing information and knowledge: training and coaching teams and customers, speaking at conferences and writing articles.

Outside of work I enjoy photography and performing in a rock band where we play our own songs. In general, I love spending time with family and friends.


25+ years experience

In my career so far, I have

  • Built websites at and in Munich and London
  • Rolled out products to European countries at  /  and
  • Hired, developed and led operational teams (Engineering, Analytics, Creative Design) in Germany, France, MEA, Russia and Turkey at
  • Led Product and Development teams in Germany, UK and Bulgaria at

Current consulting projects are with

  • for growth and strategy
  • Unified Filmmakers for product and technology
  •  ActiVales for online marketing and advertising

Key Skills

Analytics & Technology

Working with data, technology and the connection to the business.
Understanding trends, optimising processes and tool efficiency.
#data #analytics #technology #ai #artificialintelligence #adtech #martech

Product Development

Identifying challenges and stakeholder’s needs, defining the strategy.
Building and rolling out solutions that meet the requirements.
#product #solutions #strategy

Building & Scaling

Launching new products, building and growing into new markets.
From customised go-to-market start to establishing a scalable system.
#growth #newmarkets #emergingmarkets #gotomarket

Client Centricity

Understanding clients’ needs, providing the fitting products and services.
Always driving customer satisfaction.
#customers #clients

Public Speaking

Speaking at conferences and workshops, communicating to journalists and
writing articles to build thought leadership and increase brand recognition.
#publicspeaking #conference #articles #thoughtleadership

People Management

Hiring, training and leading large teams locally and remotely.
Developing and coaching talents for great performance, satisfaction and retention.
#management #leadership #training #coaching



Munich, Germany